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Christmas 2013 Production - Key Stage 1

Christmas 2013 Production - Key Stage 1

Christmas 2013 Production - Key Stage 2

Christmas 2013 Production - Year 3

Christmas 2013 Production - Year 4

Christmas 2013 Production - Year 5

Christmas 2013 Production - Year 6

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A GOOD School (OFSTED 2014)

A message from the headteacher,  Mr J. McBride

Hello, and welcome to our school Website


We hope that you will find our website easy to use. The site's main aim is to provide information for both parents and children. Our website is a window on the school so please take a look at our gallery pages to see our most recent events. 


We have an email account for parents to sign up to if they wish to receive newsletters electronically. If you would like this to happen please send an email to newsletters@westendcps.lancs.sch.uk- In the message subject please write your child's name so we can keep track of who has signed up.


Please keep checking back soon on the site for more developments and news.


West End is a successful school that is in its Centenary Year in 2014. The school is a blend of old Victorian buildings and more modern developments. We are situated on the outskirts of Oswaldtwistle and the views from the classrooms are stunning.


The staff at West End are a really effective team. They are all committed to the education of children and work hard to ensure that all children achieve all that they are capable of.


As the Headteacher here I’m keen lead the school forward and provide high quality education for all our pupils. This is something that can only be achieved with the children, staff, governors.


In addition to this we cannot achieve all that we do without the support of our parents. Educating children is a team effort and we welcome the support and contact from parents.


This website is to share and communicate the work of the school. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

School Assessment Summary For 2013-2014

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all the outcomes of our recent statutory assessments completed by children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6.  Individual results for children have been included in children’s annual reports that have been sent home today. 

Reception children have been assessed under the Early Years Profile.  Children who have been assessed at expected level or above in the prime areas are considered to have reached a Good Level of Development(GLD).  70% of children in Reception have reached a GLD this year and this compares favourably with the 2013 national average of 52%  Well done Reception, what a super start to your time at West End Primary School!

Year 1 children have to complete a phonics check.  83% of children met the required standard.  This is significantly above the national figure of 69%.  Some children who did not quite make the standard last year retook the test.  100% of children in Year 2 have met the Government’s standard of phonetical awareness.  This again is significantly above the national figure of 85%.  I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work in delivering what is an excellent phonics teaching program and you, the parents for the work you do with children at home.

Year 2 children have completed their end of KS1 assessments and our children have achieved a positive set of results that, given their starting point, demonstrates very good progress.  The percentage of children achieving L2b+ and L3+ is in line with national achievement figures.  Well done for all your hard work this year children!

Year 6 children were faced with a difficult challenge this year in that they faced a new format of tests in the KS2 assessments.  The structure of the reading paper was altered and in the maths test calculators were no longer allowed. 

I have summarised the performance of the children in the table below.  Any figure providedin brackets is a national figure from 2013 for comparison purposes.  2014 national averages will not be available until later this year.





2 levels progress

3 levels progress


87% (85%)

61% (44%)

0% (0%)

90% (91%)

42% (30%)


98% (83%)

48% (30%)


100% (91%)

39% (30%)

Spelling and Grammar

84% (77%)

48% (48%)

3% (2%)




97% (86%)

48% (42%)

7% (7%)

97% (92%)

39% (31%)

We are really very proud of these results as they demonstrate the level of high quality teaching that these children have received not just this year but in all their years at West End.  The children have been so very positive in their attitude and this along with excellent teaching has enabled them to achieve their potential.  Well done to you all! 

In addition to these “official” results I have analysed our internal assessment of children’s abilities and the progress they are making.  It is apparent from this data that EVERY class has made good progress over the last year and in many cases this level of progress is excellent.  Yet again, further evidence of the high quality education that is being provided to children at West End. 

I would like to publicly thank all the staff of West End Primary School for their dedication and hard work over the last two years.  A challenge was set to us all by OFSTED over two years ago and the information provided by our own analysis and that of OFSTED this year has validated our belief that we are a GOOD school and we are getting even better.  We will not stop here, and we will continue to develop the education that is on offer here.

Yours sincerely,



Mr J. McBride


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